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Latest Builds

The following builds are for development purposes only and are not fully functional yet!

OS Branch  Name Size Built On
Windows Binaries master Note: In case the binaries do not start right away. Please remember to install the Visual C++ redistributables which come along with the binaries (vcredist_x64.exe). 58.8 MB May 19 2018 17:49:02.
Windows Setup master mne-cpp-windows-x86_64-master.exe 49.4 MB Sep 08 2017 02:55:22.
Linux Binaries master mne-cpp-linux-x86_64-master.tar.gz 0 MB May 19 2018 18:04:42.
OS X Bundles master mne_scan-master.dmg 31.5 MB Sep 15 2016 03:21:24.
master mne_browse-master.dmg 17.3 MB Sep 15 2016 03:21:21.
master mne_analyze-master.dmg 21.8 MB Sep 15 2016 03:21:17.

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Data Sets

Sample Data Set

MNE-CPP Reference for Qt Creator


MNE-C Manual

MNE Manual 2.7 Note: Not all MNE-C applications are included in MNE-CPP yet.