MNE-CPP is actively developed in collaboration with our international partners, feel free to take a look at our partners and code contributors pages. MNE-CPP is an open source project and can be used under the terms of the open source BSD–license (3 clause). The Wiki offers a Getting Started section as well as Tutorials on how to use the MNE-CPP API. If you are interested in contributing to MNE-CPP or use it for your own applications, please consult the How to contribute Wiki entry for more information.


Wiki Provides a getting started guide, introductive/advanced tutorials, contribution guidelines, etc.
Jira and ConfluenceProject management tools (please contact us for a login).
Github All code is freely accessible via Github.
API DocumentationA Doxygen documentation of MNE-CPP classes, functions, etc. (WIP)
Qt Creator quick references MNE-CPP references for the Qt Creator IDE. mne-cpp.qch

MNE-C Manual The original MNE-C Manual 2.7. Note: Not all MNE-C applications are included in MNE-CPP yet.MNE-manual-2.7.pdf