MNE Analyze

In the latest release (MNE-CPP v1.0.0-beta 3.0) we incorporated a technical preview of MNE Deep a deep learning library which facilitates Microsoft’s CNTK. CNTK is a framework which allows to analyze and reveal relations in massive datasets through deep learning by providing uncompromised scaling, speed and accuracy. The new MNE Deep library is used in the Brain Inside Out (BIO) project for modeling of brain structures with deep neuronal networks. MNE Deep also […]

Deep Learning with MNE-CPP

In the past months the MNE-CPP team has been improving the disp3D library and adding new features for better data visualization. The recent release of Qt 5.7 brought much anticipated updates and new modules into the field. QtCharts module was implemented for data analysis in the form of distribution histogram. This will show the distribution of EEG and MEG data. In addition, users will now be able to effortlessly hide […]

New 3D Visualization Features

Next to providing a new fiff data browser (MNE Browse), we are also working on a newer version of MNE Analyze. The new MNE Analyze will provide a rich user interface with the new disp3D library as it core functionality. The following features are planned: Visualization of FreeSurfer data Visualization of source level activity, both in 3D and 2D (per vertex/active dipole) Convenient subject based data storing 2D topoplot for […]

MNE Analyze

During the last week the MNE-CPP team started to work on the new 3D library, called disp3D. The library is based on the new Qt3D module, which just has been released as a module in the current Qt version. The main benefit when using the Qt3D module is the fact that we do not have to work with low level OpenGL routines. This makes handling 3D stuff way easier, especially for none OpenGL experts. Also, […]

Real-Time 3D Visualization with MNE-CPP