MNE Scan: Improved Device Support

Our MNE Scan software can be used to acquire and process electrophysiological data in real-time. MNE Scan includes several sensor plugins, which can be used to connect to different devices. As of right now MNE Scan is able to connect to the following devices and thus provide an internal data stream for subsequent real-time processing:

  • EEG devices
    • EEGoSports (ANT Neuro)
    • TMSI Refa
    • gUSBAmo (g.Tec)
    • BrainAmp (Brain Products)
  • MEG
    • Elekta Neuromag
    • BabyMEG
    • Unknown product title (Sumitomo Heavy Industries) – WIP

For more information on how to setup the supported EEG amplifiers please visit the MNE-CPP Wiki.