MNE Browse

Quite some time ago the MNE-CPP team launched the redevelopment of the well known MNE Browse Raw software by Matti Hämäläinen. Main motivation is to provide the fiff data browser for Windows system and thus reach a broader user base. Furthermore, we want to improve and add new functionalities to MNE Browse. See below for a screenshot of the current version. The new browser has been developed a lot during the last year and is almost ready for its first deployment.

Currently supported functionalities are:

  • Fiff file loading and visualization
  • Channel selection via 2D layout
  • Channel scaling
  • Average loading and visualization
  • Temporal filtering with filter design tool
  • Visualizing and editing of events
  • Touch gesture enabled

Still missing features:

  • Full SSP and compensator (software gradient for babyMEG and CTF) support
  • Average calculation and saving
  • Saving filtered raw data to file